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STCC CrestLadies and Gentlemen of the Semi-Tough Cycling Club, today your website is born. Much thanks to Matt Kyte for the inspiration, domain registration and hosting (though he shares not in the design and execution of the site – you can blame all of that on me).

I hope to use this site to share some thoughts about the club and our happenings (“Thoughts” link), provide information about popular club rides for new riders to explore (“Rides” link), offer opportunities for purchasing club merchandise in the club store (“Stuff” link), and highlight what some of our friends in the cycling world are up to (“Friends” link).

I welcome comments and input, especially from the STCC community, about ways to improve this site, and if they seem like good ideas, I might even listen! I am also interested in hearing from anyone who might want to share some stories of their own on the site. As with everything else in the STCC, this website is about the collective and not the individual.

Thank you all for the soon-to-be two years we’ve been doing this together. Without all of you folks, I’d still be riding my bike by myself, and wondering why there wasn’t a cycling club I wanted to join!