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The Festive “504”

It’s that most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, it’s time for the FESTIVE “504”. This year, Santa and his five hundred and four reindeer have a little something special in store to keep things safe in these COVID times and keep things interesting. Daily rides will be organized from December 24 – December 31 with total mileage over the 8 days of approximately 575km and will follow the general pattern of past years – start times will be between 7-8 am, meetups will be in town, and distances will range from 50-75 miles (with the exception of Xmas day which will be a later and shorter ride).

But this year two things will be different: (a) to keep us all safe, there will be no large group ride – rather folks will be asked to ride in smaller groups of 5-7 people (like the small “pods” many of us may have been riding with throughout the year); and (b) to keep things fun, the specific route, distance, and meetup will be revealed in the attached “Advent Calendar” format. Rides are numbered 1 through 8, corresponding to the 8 days of the event, and each door can only be opened the day before the ride (i.e., the ride for day 1 of the Festive 504, held on December 24th, is behind door #1, day 2 is behind door #2, and so on.