The Semi-Tough Cycling Club

988282_530317737039392_65944819_nThey say New Orleans isn’t a great place to ride a bike. It’s hot. The roads are flat. We are surrounded by water. There are no more than three routes out toward anything like a country road, and it’s 50 miles of riding before you get there. So yeah, it might not sound like a great place be a cyclist. But those of us who proudly call ourselves members of the Semi-Tough Cycling Club beg to differ with that assessment. You see, when the roads are the same in every direction, it’s the people you ride with that make the difference – and the Semi-Tough Cycling Club has good people for days.

“Vite comme l’eclaire. Fort comme le cafe!”

From its humble beginnings in 2012 as a four-man group ride, the Semi-Tough Cycling Club has grown into one of the biggest cycling clubs in the South Louisiana area. Our attitude of openness and acceptance, and our goal of providing challenging cycling opportunities for all to enjoy, attracts cyclists of all abilities and backgrounds to the club.

Whether to participate in recreational and sporting cycling events, to enjoy the camaraderie of an organized ride, or to challenge your expectations of how much fun it can be to be a cyclist in New Orleans, we welcome anyone who enjoys and respects the sport of cycling to come join us for a cup of coffee and a bike ride. We feel certain that you’ll find just the speed, spirit and sensibility to suit your style of cycling – whatever it is. Fast like lightning. Bold like coffee. We are the Semi-Tough Cycling Club. Allez! Let’s ride.

The Festive "504"

It's that most wonderful time of the year. That's right, it's time for the FESTIVE "504". This year, Santa and his five hundred and four reindeer have a little something special in store to keep things safe in these COVID times and keep things interesting. Daily rides will be organized from December 24 - December 31 with total mileage over the 8 days of approximately 575km and will follow the general pattern of past years - start times will be between 7-8 am, meetups will be in town, and distances will range from 50-75 miles (with the exception of Xmas day which will be a later and shorter ride).

But this year two things will be different: (a) to keep us all safe, there will be no large group ride - rather folks will be asked to ride in smaller groups of 5-7 people (like the small "pods" many of us may have been riding with throughout the year); and (b) to keep things fun, the specific route, distance, and meetup will be revealed in the attached "Advent Calendar" format. Rides are numbered 1 through 8, corresponding to the 8 days of the event, and each door can only be opened the day before the ride (i.e., the ride for day 1 of the Festive 504, held on December 24th, is behind door #1, day 2 is behind door #2, and so on.

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Soundtrack to a Bike Race

Here in New Orleans we like to think life is set to music. Whether its the rattle of a streetcar, the beat of a jazz drum on Basin Street, or a marching band in a Mardi Gras parade - everything has a soundtrack. For the Semi-Tough Cycling Club, bike racing is no exception - the music matters - and we are lucky enough to count amongst our number the one and only DJ Rear Admiral Sir Cheerio. This year for our Pontchartrain Beach Summer Series, Sir Cheerio threw down on a couple very select sunset mixes. Follow him on Soundcloud for more, but here is his mix for our finale. Grab a cool beverage and a comfortable place to chill and get deep...

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Harbor Master Criterium 2018

Join the Semi-Tough Cycling Club and Yeah You Ride! at the 2018 Harbor Master Criterium p/b Bike Law Louisiana. Register here, and in the mean time, get hyped with this video.

Harbor Master Criterium 2018 from Micheal Boedigheimer on Vimeo.

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Cross is Coming

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