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Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown7 hours ago
Tonight, while riding in my STCC kit on the lakefront, some dude mistook me for Aaron Viles. One of the nicest compliments that I have received in some time.

On another note, would anyone like to volunteer for "leading" the Froomey Friday ride this Friday? I will be out of town, in Nashville, and although some Fridays it been only me, the spirit of Chris, and one other, we have quite a streak going (thanks to Charles Guinchard for the last time I was out of town). Anyway, if anyone can commit to leading the group from NOMA at 6 on Friday morning, I would be indebted. Once I have a volunteer, I will post the ride.

That is all.
Jerry Bourgeois
Jerry Bourgeois shared Pulling 4 Guerrero Ride's post to the group: Semi-Tough C.C.17 hours ago
Rusty Roussel
Rusty Roussel19 hours ago
Apparently the terminology also applies to 19th century foot-pedal sewing machines. Who knew.
Trey Manthey
Trey Manthey2 days ago
Are there any local resources/practices for people new to CX? I've got a MTB I'd use until I can spring for a real cross bike.
Patrick Fisher
Patrick Fisher3 days ago
Semi-Toughers, I've been thinking about doing a monthly Sunday Sugar Rush ride. 30-40mi, friendly and easy pace, and a different sweets shop each month. Sunday mornings would make exploring a lot easier, as well as break up the delicious monotony of donuts or snoballs every week. Does this sound interesting/fun?