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Semi-Tough Cycling Club
Semi-Tough Cycling Club11 hours ago
So I am trying Zwift for the first time, Anyone want to show me the cool coffee shops?
Townsend Myers
Townsend Myers shared his post to the group: Semi-Tough C.C.10 hours ago
Can folks take a look at Festive Ride Calendar and see if there is a ride that you would be willing to "lead". I certainly plan to try to make most/all of these, but I would love to share the responsibility of making sure there is someone at each ride to keep things organized. Looking at you, David Huff (EoW RIde?), Jeremy Brown, Micheal Boedigheimer (maybe one of those Sunday rides is a gravel-er?), Wes McWhorter - no pressure, just tagging so you see it. Comment or message me.
Bjarne Kris Haug
Bjarne Kris Haug1 day ago
So, in case it's not raining tomorrow morning Alex and I will be meeting at NOMA at 7am, we'll ride to the lakefront, do a full lap, and then a lap around City Park and most likely end up at Fairgrinds for a coffee treat...
Townsend Myers
Townsend Myers3 days ago
Here it is folks - your 2017 STCC Festive Ride Calendar. Start making plans to join us for some or all of these rides. Get your 2018 season started off with some festive base miles in 2017.
Semi-Tough Cycling Club
Semi-Tough Cycling Club2 days ago
Don’t let today’s gloomy weather crush your club ride dreams.
Tomorrow is sunny.
Bjarne Kris Haug
Bjarne Kris Haug4 days ago
So I went over to the CX Course on peoples yesterday to do a little MTB'ing. Trail is still there however it needs some love so we don't loose it again, that can be done a couple of ways, there's a little raking to be done, maybe some spraying (yes I know some might be against that), no need to cut it for now, but mostly it needs to be ridden a little bit, I'll do all over the above but would love some help at least on the riding part. So I know there's a few in here that in fact has of road tires on their bikes whether it's MTB, CX, BMX or other, would any of you be in for a loosely set weekly Sunday MTB drill fun around maybe 10am or something like that?

Furthermore we'll try to extend the trail to one full mile. And as a side comment, Benjamin a local teenager is hammering the trail everyday and getting a new MTB for x-mas, he is so stoked and love it.